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SFCMP concerts on Stage series

On STAGE Series

In our on STAGE Series we help you discover large-ensemble contemporary classical works of the most influential and innovative composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Our 2018-19 concerts in this series are:

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In the LABORATORY Series

In our in the LABORATORY Series you will experience large-ensemble contemporary classical works that have pushed the boundaries of the concert format through experimentation and exploration.

Our 2018-19 concert in this series is:

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At the CROSSROADS Series

In our at the CROSSROADS Series, we celebrate the work of legacy composers alongside cutting-edge composers from across generations.

Our 2018-19 concert in this series is:

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SFCMP’s Education Series includes a number of educational programs to support and help shape the cutting edge of contemporary music.

Our How Music is Made program provides composers an opportunity to reveal their motivation behind the notes. Through an open-to-the-public dress rehearsal followed by a composer talk, we aim to help our audiences emotionally connect with the composers’ experiences and thereby better prepare them to appreciate the depth of the work that will be heard at the concert.

Master Classes provide opportunities for talented students to perform contemporary classical music through professional guidance and critiquing in front of a live audience.

Our Side-by-Side program fosters the development of pre-professional musicians by providing an opportunity to rehearse with our ensemble and perform in a subscription-series concert.

In the COMMUNITY Series

Each year, SFCMP holds several community events that encourage the exploration of contemporary classical music in a festive community atmosphere.

Our 2018-19 events in this series are:

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