Photo by Andrzej Georgiew

Photo by Andrzej Georgiew

Agata Zubel (born 1978 in Wrocław, Poland) is a Polish composer and singer. Zubel is a graduate of Wrocław’s Karol Szymanowski High School of Music (percussion and music theory) and the Karol Lipiński University of Music, where she studied composition with Jan Wichrowski. She is a member of the Youth Circle of the Polish Composers’ Union and a recipient of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship. Currently she teaches at the Academy of Music in Wrocław (PhD). In 2013 she was honoured by The International Music Council International Rostrum of Composers with the best composition title for Not I, which she wrote for soprano, instrumental ensemble and electronics.

Zubel was commissioned by SFCMP as part of Project TenFourteen – four concerts with world premieres from ten distinctive composers all challenged to “reflect upon and address the human condition, common to us all.”

From Zubel:

“Culture developed at various paces on different continents, in different periods and directions. People met other people, and after that their world – knowledge, emotions and music – could never be the same. Man’s return to the origins has never been possible, and yet those origins are something that man has always hoped to understand. In this way, synergy gives rise to deconstruction, and development makes it possible to look sideways… and back. This is also the case with my music, which, as it develops in time, adds new seconds while hoping to understand the minutes that came before.”

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