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Saturday, January 27th 2024


  • Louis Andriessen
  • Pierre Boulez
  • Steve Mackey
  • Missy Mazzoli
  • Frank Zappa

Date & Time

Saturday, January 27th 2024 8:00 pm

7 PM – How Music is Made with Eric Dudley & Guests
8 PM – Concert


Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall
50 Oak Street
Ann Getty Center for Education
San Francisco, CA 94102


$40 (VIP)/$35 (General)
$15 (students)


Revisiting channels of inspiration that pandemic-era cancellations put on hold, this program riffs on the intersection of two seemingly disparate though surprisingly connected worlds: those of Prog Rock and High Modernism. Mazzoli, Andriessen and Mackey form a triumvirate of influence as modern classicists bent on infusing their work with Rock elements and sound, while the fascinating dialogue and artistic exchange between colossal figures like Boulez and Zappa has air time in a juxtaposition of two of their most compact and characteristic works – the French Modernist’s highly personal take on the specific instrumental colors of Schoenberg’s Pierrot ensemble, and the American experimentalist’s most ambitious homage to late-century European style, through sizable orchestral forces deployed to ingenious effect.


  • Missy Mazzoli – Tooth and Nail (2010)
  • Two Works by Composers from SF Conservatory of Music’s Technology & Applied Composition Program (world premieres)
  • Louis Andriessen – Life (2009) with film by Marijke van Warmerdam]


  • Steve Mackey – San Francisco (1997)
  • Pierre Boulez – Dérive 1 (1984)
  • Frank Zappa – The Perfect Stranger (1984)


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