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Saturday, May 10th 2025

Shared Rituals

  • Sun Chang
  • Ana Lara
  • Gabriela Ortiz
  • Paul Mortilla
  • Tania Léon
  • Miguel Chuaqui
  • Friction Quartet

Date & Time

Saturday, May 10th 2025 8:00 pm

6:30 PM - "Under the Hood" pre-concert talk with Artistic Director Eric Dudley, members of the Friction Quartet, and composer Miguel Chuaqui.
7:00 PM - PRELUDE Concert: Paul Mortilla’s Paradiso: "Weavers of Light"
8:000 PM - Mainstage Concert


Brava Theater
2781 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


$40 General/$15 -Student


Our final concert of the season brings the themes of spiritual and cosmic connectivity full circle, with a program of works by American, Latin-American and Central-American composers all responding in some way to ideas of the ethereal and corporeal. A prelude concert featuring Friction Quartet and guest vocalists sets the tone with composer Paul Mortilla’s responses to a selection of texts from Dante’s Paradiso, depicting ‘the journey of the soul ascending through the various spheres of the universe.’ After a brief pause, the Contemporary Players take the stage with Tania Léon’s Indígena, conjuring the energy and spirit of the comparsa, a group of masked revelers who roam the streets of Spain and Latin America during Carnival season. Ana Lara’s intimate Y los oros la Luz provides a tranquil reflection, while Miguel Chuaqui’s Tiempo Norte, Tiempo Sur dances with the unique harmonic and rhythmic gestures of jazz, juxtaposed with folk rhythms and melodies from Latin America. Finally, Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz’s Corpórea ‘describes an oscillation between our material existence and our most spiritual condition,’ closing the concert in a flash of brilliance and vivacity.

PRELUDE: Paul Mortilla – Paradiso: Weavers of Light (2024) - Featuring members of Friction Quartet and Sun Chang, piano


Tania Léon, Indígena (1991) - Bay Area premiere

Ana Lara, Y los oros la Luz (2008) - U.S. premiere

Miguel Chuaqui - Tiempo Norte, Tiempo Sur (2008) - West Coast premiere

Gabriella Ortiz - Corpórea (2014) - West Coast premiere


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