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Outside Music: Music of Edmund Campion

2008 | Albany Records

Outside Music: Music of Edmund Campion

Edmund Campion completed his doctoral work at Columbia University with Mario Davidovsky before attending the Paris Conservatory to study composition with Gérard Grissey. He has explained his approach to composition in an interview with the Computer Music Journal: "Emerging technologies have been the generative source for most of my musical explorations...There is nothing new here. For Chopin, it was the modern piano, and for Schaeffer, it was the tape recorder. Finally, there is no distinction between acoustic sound, natural sound, or electronic sound. Everything is integrated with the full spectrum of all possibly sounds...I hope I am coming full circle, back to the essential musical material, it music that is made just for hearing."

Edmund Campion, composer
Outside Music
Julie Steinberg, keyboard, Tod Brody, flute, Carey Bell, bass clarinet, Agnes Lee, harp, Daniel Kennedy vibraphone, Michael Taddei, contrabass, David Milnes, conductor

Edmund Campion, composer
Domus Aurea
William Winant, vibraphone, Julie Steinberg, piano

Edmund Campion, composer
A Complete Wealth of Time
Gloria Cheng and Vicki Ray, pianos

Edmund Campion, composer
Melt me so with thy delicious numbers
Ellen Ruth Rose, viola with interactive software

Edmund Campion, composer
Losing Touch
Christopher Froh, vibraphone with fixed electronics


"...the ideas...are quirky, yet elegant, oscillate between humor and gravitas, and though unconventional, appeal to our sensibilities." (American Record Guide)

"This extremely successful collection...highlights a series of strengths that announce a confident and highly imaginative composer. ...The composer is extremely lucky to have a true roster of California 'All-Stars' from that new music community to present his work. Their energy of performance matches his fertility of invention. In the end, a happy surprise, and highly recommended." (Fanfare)

Included Works
  • Campion: Outside Music (2005) C
  • Campion: Domus Aurea (2000)
  • Campion: A Complete Wealth of Time (1990)
  • Campion: Losing Touch (1994)
    San Francisco Contemporary Music Players - David Milnes