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Give a Gift of Stock

About our Investments

SFCMP holds our investments in Vanguard Investment Funds. The purpose of these funds is to provide a long-term funding stream to the Organization and to provide for strategic investments for improving the Organization's operations and impact. The funds follow the organization's investment policies and are board-designated but unrestricted.

Instructions for Donations of Stock or Mutual Fund Shares to SFCMP

If your stock has increased in value since you bought it, you can avoid capital gains tax on the increase by donating the stock. The donation value will be based on the value of the stock on the day it is received in SFCMP’s account. If your stock has declined in value, then we recommend you sell it in order to claim a tax loss and donate cash instead.

How to Make a Cash Transfer

Ask your financial institution to place the sale and then send San Francisco Contemporary Music Players a check for the proceeds. The value of the gift for gifting purposes will be the value on the date of the transfer from the donor's account. The proceeds received will be based on the market value on the day of the sale of the shares.

Checks can be sent to the following address:

San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
3701 Sacramenti Street #496
San Francisco, CA 94118

How to Make a Stock Transfer

Instruct your stock broker or fund representative to transfer the desired amount of stock or mutual fund shares to San Francisco Contemporary Music Players brokerage account. Please contact our Executive Director ( to receive the brokerage account numbers.

Thank you for generously considering giving a gift of stock to our organization. The continued innovation of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players has been driven and sustained from the start by an entire community of individuals–audience members and supporters like you–making contributions in countless and vital ways. Thank you for considering a gift that encompasses our shared spirit of driving and sustaining the success of contemporary music in the Bay Area. - Eric Dudley