Hire Us. Bay Area’s Go-To Contemporary Music Ensemble

Hire San Francisco Contemporary Music Players

We provide ​world-class ​musicians, contract administration, music production staff, and rehearsal space if needed.

We are available for hire for performances, music education workshops, or contemporary music masterclasses.

We have a roster of 22 contemporary music specialists, and we can contract out for instrumentation needs that are outside of our roster.

Contact Us
To arrange a custom project, class, or gig, please contact Lisa Oman, Executive Director at director@sfcmp.org or call 415-633-8802.

Fee Considerations
Performance fee
Dress Rehearsal(s)
Educational event 
Transportation fee: $15 flat rate per day per musician
Other fees
Contracting fee: 12%-15% of total
Conducting fee
Cartage, 2nd playing on a program are additional