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Alicia Telford

Alicia Telford was born into a musical family in the wilds of Northern California. She began piano lessons at 5 to keep up with her older sisters. At 9, she started playing the clarinet and at 12, Alicia finally grew big enough to play the French horn. She loved the horn because it has such a beautiful sound.

After high school, Alicia moved to the Bay Area to attend the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and San Francisco State University. While in college, she was invited to attend the Tanglewood Festival as a Fellow and the New College Music Festival.

She has worked in many Broadway musical orchestras in the theaters of San Francisco and has had the privilege of touring with orchestras and musicals all over the world. Alicia is proud to be a member of the Oakland Symphony, SF Chamber Orchestra, SF Contemporary Players and ECOEnsemble. She is a regular extra with the San Francisco Symphony, Opera and Ballet Orchestras. She has played on the soundtracks of many popular video games and movies.

Ms Telford is the horn Instructor at UC Berkeley, CSUEB and St Mary’s College. When not working with her horn, Alicia enjoys travel, reading, gardening and taking long walks in the Berkeley Hills with her husband and their dog, Sophie.