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The Players
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Artistic Director, Eric Dudley
Eric Dudley Headshot
Eric Dudley Headshot A
Eric Dudley Headshot B
Eric Dudley Headshot C
Eric Dudley Headshot D
Eric Dudley Headshot E
Eric Dudley Full Body

Executive Director, Lisa Oman
Lisa Oman, Headshot 
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 2018-19 Fri, MAY 10 & Sat MAY 11, 2019, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
at the CROSSROADS Series. Guerrilla Sounds: Julius Eastman’s Legacy
Press Release
Julius Eastman 1_© Christine Rusiniak
Julius Eastman 2_© Christine Rusiniak
Julius Eastman 3_© Christine Rusiniak
Julius Eastman 4_©Ron Hammond
Myra Melford 1
Myra Melford 2
Sidney Corbett 1
Sidney Corbett 2
Press Release
Andriessen © Francesca Patella
Cage 1
Cage 2 ©Henning Lohner
Hunter ©Matt Haber
Justen ©Greg Habiby
Mazzoli ©Marylene Mey
Roomful of Teeth ©Bonica Ayala
Splinter Reeds ©Aubrey Trinnaman