San Francisco Contemporary Music Players is committed to the recording and creation of world-class contemporary classical works.


CD Recordings Made by SFCMP

Composer CD Title Collaborators Date of Composition Date of Recording Label
Andrew lmbrie Songs of Then and Now,

Spring Fever,

Chicago Bells

2001 Not yet released
Earle Brown Works of Earle Brown 1967-1992 1996 Newport Classic
Edmond Campion
George Barati String Quartet #3 1991 1995 Not yet released
Henry Lazarov Prayers 1990 1992 Delos
Hyo-Shin Na Music for Piano and Strings 1997 1998 YBM
James Newton As the Sound of Many Waters 1988-1999 1999 New World
John Cage Quartets I-VIII 1976
John Cage Music for Seventeen 1984 1993 Newport Classic/Sony
John Throw Songs for the Earth Members of the San Francisco Symphony; The Francesco Trio 1994 1995 Music and Arts
Jorge Liderman Chamber Chorus of the University of California at Berkeley
Kui Dong The Blue Melody,

Pangu’s Song

1993-1997 2007 Not yet released
Lou Harrison The Perilous Chapel 1948 1993 New Albion
Manca Festival. Various Composers:
Dennehy, Feldman, Campion, Ueno, Leroux
Morton Feldman Music for Voice and Instruments 1947-1991 1995 New Albion
Morton Feldman For Samuel Beckett 1987 1991 Newport Classic/Sony
Olly Wilson No More 1985 1996 Not yet released
Pablo Ortiz Chanticleer
Steven Mackey Indigenous Instruments 1989 1993 Newport Classic/Sony
Various Composers:
Babbitt, Davies, Carter
Modernism Forever San Francisco Girls Chorus; The Composers Chamber Players
Wayne Peterson Sextet 1982 1992 CRI


LP Recordings Made by SFCMP

Composer LP Title Other Collaborators Date of Composition Date of Recording Label
Lawrence Moss Loves 1982 1988 CRI
Edwin Dugger Septet 1980
Conrad Cummings Seven Songs 1981
Andrew Frank Sonata da Camera II 1984
George Rochberg Ukiyo-E 1974 1982 Grenadilla
Richard Felciano Angels of Turtle Island 1974
Wayne Peterson Interrupted Serenade 1978
Charles Boone Shunt 1978
Charles Boone Raspberries 1973
Edwin Dugger Intermezzi 1969 1978 CRI
Loren Rush String Quartet in C# 1961 1977 CRI