Repertoire List 1971-Present


# works performed: 1333
# of composers: 611
# premieres: 263
# commissions: 89
Last updated 2020-21 season


Composer, Title, Year Composed, Premiere Type
Commission (C)
Recording (R)
U.S. premiere (USP)
West coast premiere (WCP)
World premiere (WP)



Adams John Chamber Symphony 1992 C,USP
Basart Robert The Round Ocean and the Living Air 1984 C,WP
Bauer Ross Ritual Fragments 1995 C,WP
Bauer Ross Fast and Loose 2001 C,WP
Brant Henry Pathways to Security 1990 C
Brown Earle Tracking Pierrot 1992 C,WP, R
Cage John Seven 1988 C
Campion Edmund Outside Music 2005 C,WP, R
Chen Carolyn Cold mountains, one belt, heartbreak green 2018 C, WP
Chessa Luciano Set and Setting 2013 C,WP
Chisholm David From the Power of Ten 2020 C, WP
Chodos Asher Tobin Big Show 2018 C, WP
Chou Wen‐Chung Windswept Peaks 1990 C
Corbett Sidney Aporia 2019 C, WP
Crumb George Yesteryear 2014 C,WP
Crumb George The Yellow Moon of Andalusia 2014 C,WP
Crumb George Xylophony 2014 C,WP
Cummings Conrad I Wish They All Could Be 1986 C,WP
Curran Alvin Rose of Beans 1997 C,WP
Davidovsky Mario Biblical Songs 1990 C
Davidovsky Mario Flashbacks 1995 C
Davidovsky Mario Romancero 1983 C,WP
Del Tredici David Chana’s Story 1998 C,WP
Dong Kui Fantasia: A Dialogue with Wind 2003 C,WP
Dugger Edwin Variations and Adagio 1979 C,WP
Edwards George The Isle is Full of Noises 1995 C
Erickson Robert Quintet 1985 C,WP
Felciano Richard Shadows 1987 C,WP
Festinger Richard Crossfire 2000 C,WP
Francois Jean‐Charles NOstreOS 1987 C
Frith Fred Save As 2005 C,WP
Gandolfi Michael Personae 1986 C,WP
Giteck Janice Ah‐ah (sh!listen) 1981 C,WP
Gordon Michael In a Strange Land 2019 C, WP
Harrison Ellen A White Ray of Time 2006 C,WP
Imbrie Andrew Songs of Then and Now 1998 C,WP, R
Kapuscinksi Jaroslaw Pointing Twice 2014 C,WP
Kim Earl Illuminations 1998 C,WP
Korf Anthony Nothing But Love Songs 1988 C
Kraft William Gallery 83 1983 C,WP
Lake Oliver Flirtation Blue 1993 C,WP
Lazarof Henri Preludes and Interludes to a Drama 1994 C,WP, R
Leroux Philippe De la texture 2006 C,WP
Liang Lei Luminous 2014 C,WP
Lieberson Peter Raising the Gaze 1988 C,WP
Lim Liza Shimmer Songs 2006 C,WP
London Edwin Federico’s Follies 1998 C,WP
Long Zhou The Five Elements 2002 C,WP
Lopez Peter Ifasia 1980 C,WP
Mackey Steven Micro‐concerto 1999 C
Mackey Steven Indigenous Instruments 1989 C,WP, R
Melford Myra Homogenous Infiltration 2019 C, WP
Moss Lawrence Loves 1982 C,WP, R
Na Hyo‐shin Transcription 1997 C,WP, R
Nakano Koji Time Song V: Mandala 2014 C,WP
Navarro Fernanda Aoki Impermanence 2019 C, WP
Newton James The Line of Immortality 1992 C,WP
Newton James Violet (for Nomzamo Winifred Mandela) 1995 C,WP, R
Olivero Betty Bashrav 2004 C,WP
Ortiz Pablo Raya en el mar 2000 C,WP
Ortiz Gabriela Corporea 2014 C,WP
Ortiz Pablo Oscuro 2004 C,WP, R
Peterson Wayne Sextet 1982 C,R
Peterson Wayne Nonet 2001 C,WP
Powell Mel Sextet 1996 C
Ran Shulamit Under the Sun’s Gaze 2004 C,WP
Ruehr Elena It’s About Time 2014 C,WP
Rzewski Frederic Roses 1989 C,WP
San Martin Laurie we turn in the night in a circle of fire 2014 C,WP
Sanchez‐Gutierrez Carlos Clyde Beatty is Dead 2002 C,WP
Schimmel David Concertino 1980 C,WP
Shaw Caroline New Work 2020 C,WP
Sheinfeld David Dear Theo 1996 C,WP
Smith Hale Dialogues and Commentaries 1991 C
Smith Wadada Leo Moths, Flames and the Giant Sequoia Red… 1996 C,WP
Soley David “. . .” 2003 C,WP
Sollberger Harvey Mutable Duo 1991 C,WP
Sorey Tyshawn New Work 2021 C,WP
Stark Anthony The Milkweed Chronicles: The Songs 1983 C
Ueno Ken Zetsu 2014 C, WP
Wilson Olly A City Called Heaven 1988 C
Wilson Olly Call and Response 2003 C,WP
Wilson Olly No More 1985 C,WP, R
Wolfe Julia Girlfriend 1998 C
Wright Mary C. Sunflower 1994 C
Wyner Yehudi Horntrio 1997 C
Yi Chen Qi 1997 C
Yun Du Quatrain: Slow Portraits 3 2014 C,WP
Zubel Agata Where to 2014 C,WP


Abrahamsen Hans Winternacht 1978
Abrahamsen Hans Schnee 2008
Adams John Light over Water II 1983
Adams John Son of Chamber Symphony 2007
Aguilar Gustavo Wendell’s History Pt. 1 2008
Aguilar Gustavo Wendell’s History Pt. 1 2008
Alandio Edgar !Grito! 1980
Albert Stephen Into Eclipse 1981
Alvarez Javier Mambo Vinko 1993
Alvarez Javier Shekere 1985
Amirkhanian Charles History of Collage 1981
Amirkhanian Charles Maroa 1981
Amirkhanian Charles Spoffy Nene 1971
Amirkhanian/Law Charles Dog of Stravinsky 1982
Amy Gilbert Seven Sites 1975
Anderson T. J. Seven Cabaret Songs 1995
Andres Timo Some Connecticut Gospel 2008 WCP
Andriessen Louis Hout 1991
Andriessen Louis Life 2009
Andriessen Louis M is for Man, Music, Mozart 1991
Andriessen Louis Workers’ Union 1975
Andriessen Louis Zilver 1994
Antunes Jorge Dramatic Polimaniquexixi 1980
Applebaum Mark Aphasia 2010
Aquilanti Giancarlo Trio per Violino, Violincello, e Pianoforte 2002 WP
Armer Elinor Open and Shut 1991 WP
Armer Elinor Lockerbones/Airbones 1983
Artemov Vyacheslav Awakening 1978
Asia Daniel Pines Songs 1984
Atehortua Blas Serenata Para Ias Cinco Estaciones 1980
Babbitt Milton More Phonemena 1978 WP
Babbitt Milton Souper 1987 WP
Babbitt Milton Four Play 1984
Babbitt Milton Homily 1987
Babbitt Milton Don 1981
Babbitt Milton Consortini 1989
Babbitt Milton None But the Lonely Flute 1991
Banjo Leroy Bowling for Blood 1984
Banks Brian Mountain Triptych 1992
Barati George Trio 1978 WP
Barati George String Quartet No. 3 1991
Barber Samuel Melodies passageres, op. 27 1950
Barraque Jean Sequence 1954
Barreau Gisele Tlaloc 1976
Barreau Gisele Submarines 1978
Barriere Jean-Baptiste Violance 2003
Barriere Jean-Baptiste Time Dust 1998
Bartok Bela Contrasts 1938
Bartok Bela Suite for Two Pianos, op. 4b 1941
Bartsch/Thomas Michael Dideldum 1985
Basart Robert Serenade 1967
Basart Robert Kansas City Dump 1964
Basart Robert Fantasy 1963
Basart Robert Stem, Leaves, Small Flower 1977
Bates Mason String Band 2002
Bauer Ross Chimera 1987
Bazelon Irwin Propulsions 1974
Beaser Robert Songs from The Occasions 1985
Beck Stephen David Marche aux Puces 1986 USP
Becker John Soundpiece No. 6 1942
Bedford David The Tentacles of the Dark Nebula 1969
Bedrossian Franck Digital 2003 USP
Beethoven Ludwig Van Trio in Bb major, Op. 11 1798
Berberian Cathy Stripsody 1966
Berg Alban Lyric Suite 1926
Berg Alban Four Songs, op. 2 1909
Berg Alban Four pieces for clarinet and piano, op.5 1913
Berg Alban Chamber Concerto 1925
Bergamo John Three Duets
Berger Jonathan To the Lost History of Hope 1981
Bergman Erik Concertino da camera 1961
Berio Luciano Folk Songs 1963
Berio Luciano Chamber Music 1953
Berio Luciano Cries of London 1976
Berio Luciano Rounds 1967
Berio Luciano Sequenza III 1966
Berio Luciano Linea 1973
Berio Luciano Sequenza I 1958
Berio Luciano Sequenza II 1963
Berio Luciano Sequenza V 1966
Berio Luciano Piano Sonata 2001
Berio Luciano Linea 1974
Berio Luciano Folk Songs 1964
Bernstein Leonard La Bonne Cuisine 1949
Beteta Xavier La catedrale abandonata 2015
Bielawa Herbert The Snake and Other Creatures 1986 WP
Bielawa Lisa Crissy Broadcast 2013 WP
Bielawa Herbert Warp 1976
Bielawa Herbert Movements and Moments 1977
Bielawa Lisa Kafka Songs 2001‐2003
Biggs Hayes A Consuming Fire 1995
Biriotti Leon Spleen USP
Birtwistle Harrison Five Distances for Five Instruments 1992
Birtwistle Harrison The Axe Manual 2000
Birtwistle Harrison Gigue Machine 2011
Blumenfeld Harold La Face Cendree 1981
Boguslawski Edward Impromptu 1974
Bolcom William Session 3 1967
Boone Charles Raspberries 1973 R
Boone Charles Shunt 1978 R
Boone Charles Linea Meridiana 1976 WP
Boone Charles Streaming 1979 WP
Boone Charles Trace 1983 WP
Boone Charles Usuyuki 1994 WP
Boone Charles A Cool Glow of Radiation 1961
Boone Charles Vocalise 1972
Boone Charles String Piece 1978
Boone Charles Springtime 1980
Boone Charles The Watts Towers 1981
Boone Charles De Forest 1986
Boone Charles The Khaju Bridge 1986
Boone Charles Zephyrus 1971
Boone Charles Remembrance of Things 1971
Bouchard Linda Revelling of Men 1983 WP
Bouchard Linda Pourtinade 1983
Bouchard Linda Ductwork 1997
Boucourechliev Andre Archipel I 1967 USP
Boucourechliev Andre Ombres (Hommage a Beethoven) 1970
Boucourechliev Andre Six Etudes d’apres Piranese 1975
Boulez Pierre Structures, livre II 1962
Boulez Pierre Improvisations sur Mallarme I 1957
Boulez Pierre Derive 1984
Boulez Pierre Memoriale 1985
Boulez Pierre Second Piano Sonata 1948
Boulez Pierre Improvisations Sur Mallarme II 1957
Boulez Pierre First Piano Sonata 1946
Boulez Pierre Complainte du lezard amoureux 1950
Boulez Pierre Anthemes I 1992
Boulez Pierre Le Marteau sans maitre 1953‐55
Bourland Roger Seven Pollock Paintings 1978
Bozza Eugene Sonatine 1938
Brant Henry Quombex 1960
Brief Todd Idols 1988
Britten Benjamin Three Metamorphoses after Ovid 1951
Brown Earle Centering 1973 R
Brown Earle Windsor Jambs 1980 R
Brown Earle Event: Synergy II 1968 R
Brown Chris Iceberg 1985
Brown Earle Tracer 1985
Brown Chris Snakecharmer 1987
Brown Chris Duo 1989
Brown Chris Obedience School 1985
Brown Elizabeth Migration 1990
Brown Ryan Under the Rug 2010
Bruce Smith Ronald return to breath 2000
Burns Christopher The Location of Six Geometric Figures 2001 USP
Bussotti Sylvano Nibbio 1987
Byron Don from 7 Etudes 2009
Cage John Quartets for Orchestra (24 Players) 1976 R
Cage John Music for 17 1990 R
Cage John Concert for Piano and Orchestra 1958
Cage John In a Landscape 1948
Cage John String Quartet 1950
Cage John Sixteen Dances 1950
Cage John Credo in Us 1941
Cage John Eight Whiskus (for violin) 1985
Cage John Music for Six 1987
Cage John Ryoanji (flute version) 1986
Cage John Solo for Voice 52 (from Songbooks) 1970
Cage John Eight Whiskus (for voice) 1984
Cage John The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs 1942
Cage John Nowth Upon Nacht 1984
Cage John Six Melodies for Violin and Keyboard 1950
Cage John Music for Five 1984
Cage John Music for Fourteen 1990
Cage John Third Construction 1941
Cage John The Perilous Night 1944
Cage John Ryoanji (trombone version) 1985
Cage John Four‐6 1992
Cage John Sonatas and Interludes 1948
Caltabiano Ronald Quilt Panels 1992
Campana Jose Luis Vox Faucibus Haesit 1985
Campion Edmund Losing Touch 1994 R
Campion Edmund Domus Aurea 2000 R
Campion Edmund A Complete Wealth of Time 1990 R
Campion Edmund Ondoyants et divers 2005 USP
Campion Edmund l’Autre 1999
Campion Ed Corail 2000
Cannon Wyatt Quicksilver 2019 WP
Caplet Andre Divertissement a L’Espagnole 1925
Carlevaro Abel Fantasia Concertante 1984 WP
Carter Elliott A6 Letter Letter 1996
Carter Elliott Changes 1983
Carter Elliott Penthode 1985
Carter Elliott Piano Sonata 1946
Carter Elliott Woodwind Quintet 1948
Carter Elliott Triple Duo 1983
Carter Elliott Warble 1943
Carter Elliott Esprit rude, Esprit doux 1984
Carter Elliott Riconoscenza per Goffredo Petrassi 1984
Carter Elliott Canon for Four 1984
Carter Elliott A Mirror on Which to Dwell 1975
Carter Elliott Eight Etudes and a Fantasy 1950
Carter Elliott Gra 1993
Carter Elliott Trilogy 1992
Carter Elliott Pastoral 1940
Carter Elliott Quintet for Piano and Winds 1991
Carter Elliott Tempo e Tempi 1999
Carter Elliott Penthode 1985
Carter Elliot Luimen 1997
Castiglioni Niccolo Alef 1965
Celona John Timbral‐Orchestra 1970
Cerha Friedrich Elegie 1963
Cervetti Sergio Music for Rachel 1977 WP
Cervetti Sergio Bits and Pieces 1976
Cervetti Sergio Guitar Music (The Bottom of the Iceberg)
Cervetti Sergio Candombe 1984
Chafe Chris Solera 1981
Chafe Chris In a Word 1982
Chamberlain Nathan Dawn Chorus 2018 WP
Chen Yi Woodwind Quintet 1987
Chen Yi The Points 1991
Chihara Paul Sinfonia Concertante 1981
Chou Wen‐chung Echoes from the Gorge 1989
Chowning John Phone 1981
Ciconia/Druckman Johannes Sus Un’Fontayne 1400
Clay Danny Playbok 2018 WP
Clement Sheree Chamber Concerto 1982
Clyne Anna Steelworks 2006
Coll David Caldera 2016 WCP
Connesson Guillaume Disco Toccata 1994
Coolidge Clark Preface 1968
Copland Aaron Sextet 1937
Copland Aaron Vitebsk (Study on a Jewish theme) 1929
Copland Aaron Emily Dickinson Songs 1950
Copland Aaron Four Piano Blues 1948
Copland Aaron Duo 1971
Copland Aaron Piano Quartet 1950
Corigliano John Chiaroscuro 1997
Cowell Henry Advertisement 1914
Cowell Henry Aeolian Harp 1923
Cowell Henry String Quartet No. 3 “Mosaic” 1935
Cowell Henry Two‐Part Invention in Three Parts 1950
Cowell Henry Tiger 1928
Cowell Henry The Tides of Manaunaun 1912
Cowell Henry 26 Mosaics 1963
Cox Cindy Piece in Two Halves 1993 WP
Cox Cindy World a Tuning Fork 2001 WP
Cox Cindy En circulo 2008 WP
Cox Cindy Geode 1996
Cross Lowell Video II 1980
Crumb George Vox Balaenae 1971
Crumb George Madrigals (Books I‐IV) 1965‐9
Crumb George Ancient Voices of Children 1970
Crumb George Dream Sequence (Images II0 1976
Crumb George Five Pieces for Piano 1962
Cummings Conrad Seven Songs 1981 R
Cummings Conrad Summer Air 1980 WP
Cummings Conrad Bone Songs 1974
Cummings Conrad Skin Songs 1978
Cummings Conrad Tap Dancer 1978
Cummings Conrad Beast Songs 1978
Cunelier/Druckman Johannes Se Genevre 1400
Curran Alvin One Step Too 1992 WP
Czernowin Chaya Winter Songs, Version II: Stones 2003 USP
Dalbavie Marc‐André Axiom 2004
Dalbavie Marc‐André La marche des transitoires 2005
Dallapiccola Luigi Sex Carmina 1943
Dallapiccola Luigi Goethe Lieder 1953
Dallapiccola Luigi Cuattro liriche di Antonio Machado 1948
Dallapiccola Luigi Concerto per la notte di Natale 1956
Dallapiccola Luigi Quaderno Musicale di Annalibera 1952‐53
Dashow James In Winter Shine 1983
Davidovsky Mario Synchronism I 1963
Davidovsky Mario Quartetto 1987
Davidovsky Mario Synchronisms no. 12 2006
Davidovsky Mario Synchronisms No. 10 1992
Davies Peter Maxwell Vesalii Icones 1969
Davies Peter Maxwell Three Instrumental Motets 1973
Davies Peter Maxwell A Mirror of Whitening Light 1977
Davies Peter Maxwell Runes from a Holy Island 1978
Davis Nathan Ghostlight 2013 WCP
Davis Anthony Dance 1994
De Falla Manuel Psyche 1924
De la Vega Aurelio Olep ed Arudamot 1974
De la Vega Aurelio Tropimapal 1983
De Perusio/Druckman Matheus Le Greygnour Bien 1400
de Vries Klaas sub nocte per umbras 1989 USP
Debussy Claude Sonate for violin and piano 1916
Debussy Claude Chansons de Bilitis 1900
Debussy Claude Syrinx 1912
Debussy Claude Sonata for cello and piano 1915
Debussy Claude Sonate for flute, viola, harp 1984
Denisov Edison Romantic Music 1968
Dennehy Donnacha Glamour Sleeper 2002‐2003 USP
Dennehy Donnacha Canons and Overtones 2017 WCP
Despic Dejan Pastorales 1964
Detoni Dubravko Ten Beginnings 1973
Detoni Dubravko Chameleon 1976
Detoni Dubravko La voix du Silence 1972
Diaz de Leon Mario Gated Eclipse 2006
DiCastri Zosha La Forma dello Spazio 2010 WCP
Dick Robert Fish Are Jumping 1999
Diels Natacha Nightmare for Jack 2013
Diels Natacha The Colors Don’t Match 2014 WCP
Diesendruck Tamar Being as How 1995 WP
Dillion James New York Triptych 2012
Dobbins Lori Songs on Japanese Texts 1982
Dobbins Lori Songs on Haiku 1985
Dodge Charles A Postcard from the Volcano 1986
Dodge Charles Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental 1980
Dodge Charles The Waves 1984
Donatoni Franco Mari 1992 USP
Donatoni Franco Marches 1979
Donatoni Franco Francoise‐Variationen 1996
Dong Kui The Blue Melody 1993 R
Dong Kui Pangu’s Song 1997 R
Druckman Jacob Synapse Valentine 1969
Druckman Jacob Animus IV 1972
Druckman Jacob Bo 1979
Druckman Jacob Come Round 1992
Druckman Jacob Dark Wind 1994
Duarte John Five Quiet Songs 1968
Dugger Edwin Intermezzi 1969 R
Dugger Edwin Septet 1980 R
Dugger Edwin A Summer’s Reverie 1999 WP
Dulgerian Christopher Promenade of Some Sort 2002 WP
Dusapin Pascal Fist 1982
Dusapin Pascal Cascando 1997
Dzubay David Dancesing in a Green Bay 1999
Eastman Julius Gay Guerrilla 1979
Eastman Julius Stay On It 1973
Eberhard Dennis Especially… 1984
Eckardt Jason After Serra 2000
Edwards George Plus ca change… 1992
Ekizian Michelle David of Sassoun 1993 WP
Eperghis Georges Recitations 9 & 10 1978
Erbe Tom Classics of Fixed Media
Ercetin Turgut String Quartet No. 1 “December” 2011
Erickson Robert 9 1/2 for Henry 1970
Erickson Robert The General’s Speec k 1968
Ernste Kevin Palimipsest 2014 WP
Evans Peter Lover’s War 2016 WP
Farinas Carlos Tiento I 1971
Fedele Ivan Maja 1999 USP
Fein Ron Emotive
Felciano Richard The Angels of Turtle Island 1974 R
Felciano Richard From the Abyss 1976
Felciano Richard Linearity 1968
Felciano Richard Noosphere II 1967
Felciano Richard Crasis 1967
Felciano Richard String Quartet 1995
Felder David partial [dist]res[s]toration 2001‐3
Feldman Morton For Franz Kline 1962 R
Feldman Morton For Samuel Beckett 1987 R
Feldman Morton Vertical Thoughts 5 1963 R
Feldman Morton Voice,Violin and Piano 1976 R
Feldman Morton Only 1947 R
Feldman Morton Why Patterns 1978 USP
Feldman Morton The Rothko Chapel 1972
Feldman Morton The Viola in My Life 1970
Feldman Morton Three Voices 1982
Feldman Morton For Frank O’Hara 1973
Feldman Morton Bass Clarinet and Percussion 1981
Feldman Morton Crippled Symmetry 1987
Feldman Morton The King of Denmark 1964
Feliciano Richard Dark Landscape 2004
Feliciano Richard An American Decameron 2001
Ferneyhough Brian Bone Alphabet 1992
Ferneyhough Brian Terrain 1992
Ferneyhough Brian Intermedio alla Ciaccona 1986
Ferneyhough Brian Bone Alphabet 1992
Ferneyhough Brian La Chute D’Icare 1988
Festinger Richard Smokin’ With Cocuswood 1993 WP
Festinger Richard Careless Love 2016 WP
Fine Vivian Duets 1978
Fortner Wolfgang That Time 1977
Fortner Jack De Plus en Plus 1971
Francaix Jean Seven Impromptus 1977
Francesconi Luca A fuoco 1995 USP
Francesconi Luca Encore/Da capo 1985/95
Frank Andrew String Trio No. 2 1981 WP
Frank Andrew Elegy 1984 WP
Frank Andrew Moonstruck (Pierrot Fantasy) 1987 WP
Frank Andrew Sonata da Camera II 1984 WP, R
Frank Andrew Serenata Lamento 1983
Freihofner/Nordlicht Philip Oasis 1985
Fribec Kresimir Makedonida
Friedrich Georg Hass Aus. Weg 2010
Frith Fred Stick Figures 1991
Fujikura Dai Okeanos Breeze 2005 USP
Fulkerson Christopher Scritti di Leonardo 1983 WP
Fung Vivian The Ice is Talking 2018 USP
Fung Vivian Twist 2014 WCP
Fure Ashley Albatross 2014 WP
Fure Ashley Shiver Lung 2 2017
Gandini Gerardo Eusebius 1984
Gandolfi Michael Grooved Surfaces 1996
Gelmetti Vittorio Treni D’Onda a Modulatione 1963
Gentile Ada Come dal nulla 1993 USP
Gentile Ada Canzon prima 1990 USP
Gentile Ada In un silenzio ordinato 1985
Gerhard Roberto Libra 1968
Gerhard Roberto Fantasia 1957
Gershwin George Three Songs
Getty Gordon The White Election 1998 WP
Gideon Miriam Bohmischer Krystal 1988
Ginastera Alberto Serenata 1973
Ginastera Alberto Duo 1945
Ginastera Alberto Suite de Danzas Criollas 1946
Globokar Vinko ?Corporel 1985
Globokar Vinko Prestop II 1991
Globokar Vinko Cri des Alpes 1986
Globokar Vinko Toucher 1972
Gnazzo Tony Certain Aspects of Mechanized Music
Gnazzo Anthony Theater Piece XXVI
Gnazzo Anthony The Green Shovel Aroused
Goeyvaerts Karel Goathemala 1966
Gordon Michael Timber 2010
Gorecki Henryk Genesis I: Elementi 1962
Gorecki Henryk Kleines Requiem fur eine Polka 1993
Gosfield Annie The Harmony of the Body‐Machine 2003
Gosfield Annie Daughters of the Industrial Revolution 2011
Grant David Aphorisms 2002 WP
Greenberg Robert Funny Like a Monkey 2001 WP
Grillo Fernando Pasperoles 1974
Grisey Gerard Talea 1987 USP
Grisey Gerard Partiels 1975
Grisey Gerard Prologue 1976
Grisey Gerard Periodes 1974
Grisey Gerard Vortex Temporum 1994‐96
Grisey Gerard Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil 1998
Grisey Gerard Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil 1998
Grisey Gerard Le noir d’etoile 1989
Gubaidulina Sofia Ten Preludes 1974
Haaheim Kip Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano 2000 WP
Haieff Alexei Three Bagatelles 1939
Halprecht Uwe Vier Haltungen zu Einem
Halprecht Uwe Alten Thema
Handel G.F. Variations for violin and cello
Handel/Halvorsen George F. Passacaglia for violin and cello
Harbison John Rot und Weiss 1987 WP
Harbison John Im Spiegel 1988
Harris Roy Concerto, op. 2 1926
Harrison Lou Perilous Chapel 1948 R
Harrison Lou Suite for cello and harp 1949
Harrison Lou Counterdance in the Spring 1939
Harrison Lou Concerto for Violin with Percussion 1959
Harrison Lou Songs in the Forest 1951
Harrison Lou Simfony 13 1941
Harrison Ellen Seven Devilish Pieces 1996
Harrison Lou Ariadne 1987
Harrison Lou Canticle #3 1942
Harrison Lou Suite for Cello and Harp 1949
Harrison Lou Scenes from Nek Chand 2001-2
Harrison Lou Varied Trio 1986
Hartke Stephen The Horse with the Lavender Eye 1997
Harvey Jonathan Vers 2000 USP
Harvey Jonathan Lotuses 1992 USP
Harvey Jonathan Smiling Immortal 1977 USP
Harvey Jonathan Soleil Noir/Chitra 1995
Harvey Jonathan Tombeau de Messiaen 1994
Harvey Jonathan Ricercare una Melodia 1984
Harvey Jonathan Mortuos plango, vivos voco 1980
Harvey Jonathan String Quartet No. 4 2003
Haubenstock‐Ramati Roman 5 Klavierstucke 1965
Hearne Ted By-By Huey 2014
Hearne Ted The “Cage” Variations 2014
Hedstrom Ase Sorti 1987
Henze Hans Werner Voices 1973
Henze Hans Werner Amicizia! 1976
Henze Hans Werner Carillon, Recitatif and Masque 1974
Henze Hans Werner The Tedious Way to the Place of Natascha Unge 1971
Henze Hans Sonata per viola e pianoforte 1979
Henze Hans Ariosi 1963
Henze Hans Kammermusik 1958
Herman Martin Scripts for a Pageant 1986 WP
Herman Martin Toccata with cadenzas for piano
Higdon Jennifer rapid‐fire 1992
Hillborg Anders Tryffelhymn 2002 USP
Hindemith Paul String Quartet No. 2 1920
Hindemith Paul Sonata for tuba and piano 1955
Hodkinson Sydney Papillons 1984 WP
Hodkinson Sidney The Dissolution of the Serial 1968
Hoffmann Richard Das Alphabet 1987 WP
Hoffmann Richard Das heilige Weiss 1987 WP
Höller York Tagträume 1994 USP
Höller York Ex tempore 2002 USP
Holliger Heinz Mobile 1962
Holliger Heinz Elis, three nightsongs 1961
Hosokawa Toshio Dan‐so 1984 USP
Hosokawa Toshio Renka I 1986 USP
Hosokawa Toshio Neben dem Fluss 1982
Hosokawa Toshio Slow Dance 1996,2002
Hovda Eleanor Ariadnemusic 1984
Hovhaness Alan Pastoral 1952
Hovhaness Alan Achtamar 1948
Hovhaness Alan Alleluia 1977
Hovhaness Alan Presentiment, Op. 304 1977
Hovhaness Alan Khaldis Concerto, Op. 91 1959
Hui Melissa Solstice 1994
Hui Melissa San Rocco 1991
Humel Gerald Gesange des Abschieds 1978
Humel Gerald Andeutung 1983
Hurel Philippe Tombeau in memoriam Gerard Grisey 1999
Hurel Philippe Loops IV 2005
Hyla Lee In Double Light 1983
Hyla Lee Polish Folk Songs 2007
Hyla Lee We Speak Etruscan 1995
Ichiyanagi Toshi Tokyo
Iguchi Atsushi Enigmatic Castle 2002 WP
Ikebe Shin‐Ichiro Quatrevalence I 1996
Imbre Andrew Spring Fever 1996
Imbrie Andrew Chicago Bells 1997 WP
Imbrie Andrew Serenade 1952
Imbrie Andrew Pilgrimage 1983
Ingalls Matt CrusT 2011
Ishii Maki Image in the Forest 2001 USP
Ishii Maki Hibiki No Hyo‐Sho, op. 44 1981
Ishii Maki Fourteen Percussions 2000
Ivers John Bellow, Cycle 2018 WP
Ives Charles Piano Sonata No. 2 (Concord Sonata) 1910‐15
Ives Charles Second Sonata for violin and piano 1910
Ives Charles Trio 1904
Ives Charles Three Quarter‐tone Pieces 1924
Ives Charles The Things Our Fathers Loved 1917
Ives Charles Ann Street 1921
Ives Charles Children’s Hour 1901
Ives Charles Walking 1902
Ives Charles General William Booth Enters Into Heaven 1914
Jacoby Derek String Quartet 2003 WP
Jaffe David The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 1995 WP
Jaffe David String Quartet for Two Instruments 1982
Jaffe David Silicon Valley Breakdown 1982
Jarrell Michael Modifications 1987 USP
Jarvinen Arthur Chasing the Devil 1995 WP
Jarvinen Art Philifor Honeycombed with Childishness 1991
Jenks Alden Nagasaki 1983
Jenks Alden Ohio
Jerome David Triste in a Concrete Forest 1986
Jolas Betsy Lassus Ricercare 1970
Jolas Betsy How Now 1972
Jolas Betsy Four Duos 1979
Jolas Betsy Scion
Jolas Betsy B for Sonata 1973
Jolas Betsy Tranche 1967
Joplin/Schuller Scott Four Rags 1927
Jordanova Victoria Once Upon a Time. . . Dance 1993
Jordanova Victoria Dance to Sleep 1994
Joyce Molly Blue Swell 2012
Justen Gloria Sonaquifer 2015
Karpen Richard Mu Song 1983
Karpen Richard The Vision 1985
Karpen Richard Eclipse 1986
Kernis Aaron Jay Soliloquy 2016
Kessner Daniel Intercurrents 1972
Kim Hi Kyung Unknown Lives 1995 WP
Kim Roger Quartet with one theme 2017 WP
Kim Jin Hi Dasrum 1988
Kim Earl Exercises en Route 1969
Kim Byong‐Kon Reflection 1991
Kim Earl Dear Linda 1992
Kim Earl Now and Then 1981
King John Africa Songs 1985
Klebe Giselher Romische Elegien 1952
Kline Phil Unsilent Night 1992
Kline Phil Unsilent Night 1992
Kline Phil Unsilent Night 1992
Kniese Roland The Puppet King is Broken 2002 WP
Knussen Oliver Ophelia Dances I 1975
Knussen Oliver Cantata 1977
Kohn Karl The Prophet Bird 1976 WP
Kohn Karl Pantomime 1987 WP
Kohn Karl Capriccios 1962
Kohn Karl Sonatina 1976
Kohn Karl Duet 1977
Kohn Karl Concords
Kohn Karl Die Kirche 1987
Kolb Barbara Chansons Bas 1966
Kolb Barbara Solitaire 1972
Kolb Barbara Chromatic Fantasy 1979
Kolb Barbara Millefoglie 1986
Kondo Jo Words 1986 USP
Kondo Jo Duo 1982
Kouyoumdjian Mary The Vanishing Dark 2017 WCP
Kraft William Feerie 1987 WP
Kraft William Encounter IV 1975
Kraft William In Memoriam Igor Stravinsky 1978
Kraft William Melange 1985
Kraft William Gallery 4‐5 1985
Kreisler Fritz Viennese Rhapsodic Fantasietta
Krenek Ernst Sonatine 1942
Krenek Ernst String Quartet #7 1944
Krenek Ernst Spatlese, Op. 218 1973
Krenek Ernst Sonata, op. 92 1941
Krenek Ernst Orpheus und Euridike, op. 21 1923
Krenek Ernst Sonatina 1956
Krupowicz Stanislaw Thus Spake Bosch 1985
Kurtag Gyorgy Attila Fragments 1981
Kurtag Gyorgy Hommage a R. Sch. 1990
Kurtag Gyorgy Kafka Fragments, Op 24 1985
Kurtag Gyorgy Little Fix 1979
Kurtag Gyorgy Messages of the Late R.V. Troussova 1980
Kurtag Gyorgy The Sayings of Peter Bornemisza 1979
Kurtag Gyorgy Six Bagatelles 1982
La Barbara Joan in the shadow and act of the haunting place 1995 WP
La Barbara Joan Time(d) Trials and Unscheduled Events 1984
La Barbara Joan Urban Tropics 1988
La Barbara Joan to hear the wind roar 1991
Lam Bun‐Ching . . . Like Water 1995 WP
Lam Bun‐Ching Another Spring 1990
Lambertini Marta Cinco Piezas Transversales 1984
Lancaster Scott‐Gresham Title 1985
Lang David Anvil Chorus 1990
Lang David Are You Experienced? 1988
Lang David Press Release 1992
Lang David So‐Called Laws of Nature 2002
Lang David Sweet Air 1999
Lang David Short Fall 2000
Lang David Death Speaks 2012
Lang David Warmth 2006
Lang David Darker 2010
Langer Elena Two Cat Songs 2010
Lansky Paul Values of Time 1987
Lansky Paul Stroll 1988
LaRocca Frank String Trio 1980 WP
LaRocca Frank In This Place 2000
Lavista Mario Travel Log 1989
Lavista Mario Marsias 1982
Lazarof Henri Prayers 1990 R
Lazarof Henri Volo (Canti da Requiem) 1976
Lazarof Henri Third Chamber Concerto 1974
Lazarof Henri Serenade 1985
Lazarof Henri Piano Trio 1988
Lazarof Henri Momenti 1987
Lazarof Henri Octet for strings “La Laurenziana” 1987
Le Baron Anne Metamorphosis 1977
Lees Benjamin Invenzione 1965
Lehmann Hans instants pour piano 1968
Lehmann Hans “Tasten” langsam ‐ erregt 1972
Lerdahl Fred Fantasy Etudes 1985
Leroux Philippe M 1997 USP
Leroux Phillipe Voi (Rex) 2002 USP
Leroux Philippe Postlude a l’Epais 2016 WCP
Leroux Philippe PPP 1993
Levin John Overnight to Many Distant Cities 1982
Levine Jeffrey Trio 1977 WP
Lewis George Shadowgraph 5 1977
Lewis George Voyager 1987
Liang Lei Trio 2003
Liderman Jorge Contours 1990 USP
Liderman Jorge Ancient Tales 1997 WP
Liderman Jorge Song of Songs 2001 WP, R
Liderman Jorge Furthermore… 2006 WP
Liderman Jorge Cantar de los Cantares 1986
Ligeti Lukas Groove Magic 1995 USP
Ligeti Gyorgy Monument, Selbstportrait, Bewegung 1923
Ligeti Gyorgy Trio 1982
Ligeti Gyorgy Piano Etudes 1988‐2001
Ligeti Gyorgy Sippal, dobbal, nadihegeduval 2000
Ligeti Gyorgy Chamber Concerto 1969
Lim Liza Gyfu 2011
Lim Liza The Heart’s Ear 1997
Lin Mei‐Fang Multiplication Virtuelle 2004 USP
Lindberg Magnus Clarinet Quintet 1992
Lindberg Magnus Related Rocks 1997
Lindberg Magnus Etude 2001
Lindroth Scott Light 1994
Lippe Cort Tapewalk I 1982
Lippe Cort Vosive I 1983
Lippe Cort Music for Harp and Tape 1990
Litton Robert Rip! 2002
Lockhart Beatriz Tango: Orilla Este 1995 USP
Logan Wendell Transition 2005 WP
Lombardi Luca Tui‐Gesange 1977
London Lawrence Suite for marimba and vibraphone 1983
Long Zhou Wild Grass 1993
Lopez Jimmy Ccantu 2007
Loy Gareth Nekyia 1979
Lucier Alvin Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra 1982
Lucier Alvin In Memoriam Jon Higgins 1984
Lutoslawski Witold Subito 1992
Lutoslawski Witold Partita 1984
Maasz Gerhard Concertino 1960
Machover Tod Hidden Sparks 1984
Machover Tod Begin Again Again . . . 1991
Mackey Steven Troubadour Songs 1991
Mackey Steven Deal 1995
Maiguashca Mesias y ahora vamos por aqui 1978
Maldonado Javier Torres Figuralmusik 2 1996 USP
Maldonado Javier Torres Claroscuros 2001 USP
Malec Ivo Dahovi I 1961
Malec Ivo Cantate pour elle 1966
Mamlok Ursula Sextet 1977
Manoury Philippe from Le Livre des claviers 1987
Manousakis Manolis Sickert 2005 USP
Mantovani Bruno Les Danses interrompues 2000 USP
Mantovani Bruno Jazz Connotation 1998
Marcland Patrick Stretto 1978
Marco Tomas Arcadia
Maresz Yan Entrelacs 1998
Marshall Ingram Landscape Parts II (Ten Sonorous Residues) 1980 WP
Marshall Ingram Peaceable Kingdom 1989
Martin Frank Quartre pieces breves 1933
Martino Donald Notturno 1973
Martino Donald Serenata Concertante 1999
Martinu Bohuslav Sonatina 1957
Mastrogiovanni Antonio Canto y Percusion 1962
Matalon Martin Las siete vidas de un gato 1996
Matalon Martin Formas de arena 2001
Matheson James Falling 2000
Mayazumi Toshiro Bunraku 1983
Mays Lyle Somewhere in Maine 1988
McDermott Vincent Fiddles, Queens, Laddies 1986
McKinley William Thomas Paintings VII 1982
McNabb Michael Love in the Asylum 1981
Meale Richard Incredible Floridas 1980
Melcher John Kallirophon B 1976
Mellnas Arne Nocturnes 1980
Messiaen Olivier Messe de la Pentecote 195
Messiaen Olivier Quartet for the End of Time 1941
Messiaen Olivier La Nativite du Seigneur (The Birth of the Lor 1936
Messiaen Olivier Piece 1991
Messiaen Olivier Le merle bleu 1958
Mestres Quaderny Josep Quaratet de Catroc 1962
Michelson Helena VisionUnbound 2000
Mihalovici Marcel Melopeia 1973
Milburn Ellsworth Soli III 1971
Milburn Ellsworth Lament 1972
Milhaud Darius Scaramouche 1937
Milhaud Darius Six Chants Populaire Hebraiques 1925
Milhaud Darius Les Reves de Jacob 1949
Milhaud Darius Machine Agricoles 1919
Milhaud Darius Saudades Do Brasil 1919
Milhaud Darius Segoviana 1957
Milhaud Darius Suite 1936
Milhaud Darius Suite de Quatrains 1962
Milhaud Darius L’Album de Madame Bovary 1933
Milhaud Darius Troix Poemes de Supervielle 1947
Milhaud Darius Death of a Tyrant 1932
Milhaud Darius Sonatina for vn and va 1941
Milhaud Darius Four Poems of Catulle 1923
Milhaud Darius La Creation du Monde 1923
Milhaud Darius Aspen Serenade 1957
Milhaud Darius Violin Sonata No. 1 1911
Mimaroglu Ilhan Music plus One 1971
Mingus Charles String Quartet 1972
Mingus Charles Meditations on Integration 1964
Mingus Charles Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love 1974
Mingus Charles Revelations 1957
Miroglio Francis Reseaux 1965 USP
Mitchell Roscoe Bells for New Orleans 2006 WP
Mitchell Roscoe WR/C 2A Opus I 2008 WP
Mitchell Nicole Procession Time 2004 WP
Moe Eric Kicking and Screaming 1994
Moe Eric Repeat Offender 2000
Mompou Federico Piano Music (Impresiones Intimas) 1914
Mompou Federico Musica Callada 1967
Mompou Federico Cancio y Danza No. 6 1942
Monk Meredith Cave Song 1988
Monk Meredith Ellis Island 1981
Moorer Andy Lions Are Growing, Perfect Days
Morales‐Manzanares Roberto Cenzontle (Mockingbird) 2004
Moret Norbert Couleurs de temps changees 1975
Morrison John Howell Light Possessing Darkness 1997
Morton John Related Concerns 1978
Moryl Richard Das Lied 1975
Mosko Stephen The Road to Tiphareth 1986
Mosko Stephen Indigenous Music II 1984
Mosko Stephen Movable Doe 1990
Mosko Stephen Schweres Loos 1988
Mosko Stephen For Morton Feldman 1987
Mosko Stephen Psychotropes 1993
Moss Lawrence Timepiece 1970
Moss Lawrence Unseen Leaves 1976
Mozart Wolfgang A. Trio No. 7 in Eb major, K. 498 1786
Mueller Gerald Three poems by Antonio Machado
Mumma Gordon Phaedrus Laterals 1991 WP
Mumma Gordon Tile, in memoriam Willam Banovetz 2001 WP
Mumma Gordon Pontpoint 1980 1980
Mumma Gordon Cirquals
Mumma Gordon Than Particle 1985
Mumma Gordon selected piano works 1997
Murail Tristan Ethers 1978
Murail Tristan Tellur 1977
Murail Tristan Treize couleurs du soleil couchant 1978
Murail Tristan Cloches d’adieu, et un sourire… 1992
Murail Tristan La Mandragore 1993
Musgrave Thea Impromptu No. 1 1967
Musto John Trio 1998
Na Hyo‐shin Piano Study No. 1 1997
Nancarrow Conlon Study #6 1948‐60
Nancarrow Conlon Study #5 1948‐60
Nancarrow Conlon Study #12 1948‐60
Nancarrow Conlon Study #14 1948‐60
Nancarrow Conlon Study #16 1948‐60
Nancarrow Conlon Study #18 1948‐60
Nancarrow Conlon Study #9 1948‐60
Nancarrow/Druckman Conlon Three Studies for Player Piano 1949
Naon Luis Tango del Desamparao 1987
Nasveld Robert Music for the Billions 2000 USP
Negrón Angelica Technicolor 2008
Newton James The King’s Way 1989 R
Newton James Like Jasper and Carnelian 1997 R
Newton James Gihon 1995 R
Newton James The Malleability of Time 1998 WP
Newton James As the Sound of Many Waters 1998 WP, R
Newton James Nelson Mandela 1987
Newton James Inbetwinxt 1990
Nin‐Culmell Joaquin Cancionero de La Barraca 1997 USP
Nin‐Culmell Joaquin Quinteto 1937
Nixon Roger Variations for Bass Clarinet 1977
Nixon Roger Three Duos 1973
Nono Luigi “Hay que caminar” sonando 1989
Nono Luigi sofferte onde serene 1976
Nono Luigi Con Luigi Dallapiccola 1979
Nono Luigi Hay Que Caminar Sonando 1989
Nordgren Scott Blue Rifts 1995 WP
Nordheim Arne Tractus 1986
Nordheim Arne Tre Voci 1995
Nordin Jesper Calm like a bomb 2000
Norgard Per Grooving 1967
Norman Andrew Sabina 2009
Nunez Adolfo Canales 1980
O’Gallagher Liam Border Dissolve in Audiospace 1970
Ohana Maurice Pieces for guitar 1963
Ohana Maurice Free Counterpoints 1985
Olah Tiberiu Invocations 1975
Oliver Jamie 9gardens 2014 WP
Oliveros Pauline The Witness 1980
Ono Chirio Region Boisee 2000
Oram Celeste _ . . / . _ _ / . / . _ . . / . _ . . 2018 WP
Ornstein Leo Piano Sonata No 7 1988 WP
Ornstein Leo Piano Sonata #6 1979 WP
Ornstein Leo A Poem 1979
Ornstein Leo Violin Sonata No 2 op31 4th mvt 1915
Ortiz Pablo Milonguitas 1998 R
Ortiz Pablo Hipermilonga 1997 R
Ortiz Pablo Five Little Milonguitas 1997 R
Ortiz Pablo Concierto Rastrojero 2001 R
Ortiz Pablo El Agua Incierta 1992
Ortiz Pablo Story Time 1996
Otto Peter Brown Rice 1982
Packer Randall Rose Window 1986
Packer Randall The Moon and the Yew Tree 1985
Packer Randall The Glassbead Game 1982
Packer Randall Phrases 1980
Panni Marcello Folk songs 1962
Papalexandri-alexandri Marianthi No 45 Immense 2002
Paris Francois 12 Preludes for four imaginary pianos 1995 USP
Paris Francois A propos de Nice 2005 USP
Part Arvo Adagio 1992
Payne Anthony The World’s Winter 1976
Payne Maggi Crystals 1982
Payne Maggi Io 1982
Payne Maggi Shimmer 1985
Payne John Cutup
Payne/Tannenbaum Maggi Back to Forth 1986
Peck Russel Lift‐off 1972
Pereira Joe Glimpse 2015 WP
Perle George Etudes for piano 1975
Perle George Emily Dickinson Songs 1978
Perle George Hebrew Melodies 1945
Perle George Ballade 1981
Perle George Woodwind Quintet #4 1984
Persichetti Vincent Parabole 1965
Persichetti Vincent Winter Cantata 1964
Peterson Wayne Diatribe for violin and piano 1975 WP
Peterson Wayne Encounters 1976 WP
Peterson Wayne Ariadne’s Thread 1985 WP
Peterson Wayne An Interrupted Serenade 1978 WP, R
Peterson Wayne Phantasmagoria 1968
Peterson Wayne Rhapsody for cello and piano 1976
Peterson Wayne Duodecaphony 1987
Peterson Wayne Janus 1993
Peterson Wayne Vicissitudes 1995
Peterson Wayne Colloquy 1999
Petrassi Goffredo Serenata 1958
Phan P.Q. Beyond the Mountains 1995 WP
Pisaro Michael Ricefall 2010
Piston Walter Divertimento 1946
Pohjannoro Hannu eilisen linnut 1994 USP
Polansky Larry Psaltry 1978
Polansky Larry Conservation 1985
Polansky Larry Buy Some for Spare Parts 1986
Poulenc Francis Le Travail du Peintre 1956
Poulenc Francis A sa Guitare 1935
Pousseur Henri Chronizue Berlinoise 1976
Povall Richard Another Time, Another Place 1983
Povall Richard Like We Did Last Summer 1986
Powell Mel Die Violine 1987 WP
Powell Mel Divertimento for violin and harp 1957
Powell Mel Settings for Soprano and Chamber Group 1979
Powell Mel Strand Settings: “Darker” 1984
Powell Mel Three Madrigals for Flute Alone 1990
Rai Takayuki Pain 1983
Ran Shulamit Mirage 1990
Ran Shulamit Private Game 1979
Rands Bernard Scherezi 1974
Rands Bernard Deja 1972
Rands Bernard Ballad No. 3 1974
Rands Bernard Canti Lunatici 1980
Rands Bernard Canti del Sole 1983
Rands Bernard “. . . in the receding mist. . .” 1988
Rankin Taylor Joshua Touch/Still 2019 WP
Rasmussen Karl Aage Movements on a Moving Line 1988
Ravel Maurice Sites Auriculaires #1, Habanera 1895 USP
Ravel Maurice Sonata for violin and cello 1922
Razaz Gity Shadow Lines 2014
Regucera Amadeus Inexpressible v.2 2016
Reich Steve Clapping Music 1971
Reich Steve Marimba Phase 1967
Reich Steve Nagoya Marimbas 1994
Reich Steve Vermont Counterpoint 1982
Reich Steve Drumming 1970
Reid Tomeka Prospective Dwellers 2016
Reid Wendy Tree Piece #34 1985
Reimann Aribert Johannes III, 16 1976
Reimann Aribert Six Poems by Sylvia Plath 1975
Revueltas Silvestre Planos 1963
Revueltas Silvestre Homenaje a Garcia Lorca 1936
Reynolds Roger From Behind the Unreasoning Mask 1975
Reynolds Roger Transfigured Wind IV 1985
Rhodes Phillip Quartet 1975
Riegger Wallingford Three Duos for Three Woodwinds, op. 35 1943
Rihm Wolfgang Chiffre I 1982 USP
Rihm Wolfgang Chiffre III 1983 USP
Rihm Wolfgang Chiffre IV 1983 USP
Rihm Wolfgang Chiffre V 1984 USP
Rihm Wolfgang Holderlin Fragmente 1977
Rihm Wolfgang Bild, eine chiffre 1984
Riley Terry Dias de Los Muertos 1998 WP
Riley Terry Olde English 2004 WP
Riley Terry Four Wolfli Portraits 1992
Riley Terry Quando cosas malas caen del cielo 2003
Ringger Rolf Perpetuum (im) mobile 1975
Ringger Rolf Anagramm auf den Namen Elsbeth Heim 1975
Ringger Rolf Epigrammes volatiles 1967
Rochberg George Ukiyo‐e (Pictures of the Floating World) 1974 WP, R
Rochberg George Serenata D’Estate 1955
Rochberg George Slow Fires of Autumn (ukiyo‐e II) 1979
Rochberg George Caprice‐Variations 1970
Rodriguez Robert Tango 1985
Rohde Kurt Double Trouble 2002
Rolnick Neil B. Ever Livin’ Rhythm 1978 WP
Romano Marc Antonio Mori mi dite
Romitelli Fausto Professor Bad Trip: Lesson I 1998 USP
Roque‐Alsina Carlos Consequenza 1967
Rorem Ned Sky Music 1976
Rosen Jerome Serenade 1967
Rosenberger Katharina Viva Voce 2012
Rosenboom David Nazca Liftoff:Time Arroyo 1981
Rosenman Leonard Chamber Music V (Piano Concerto) 1979
Rosenthal David First Study for the Just Marimba 1976
Rossi Alejandro Canto Viejo 1988
Rouse Christopher Rotae Passionis 1983
Roxbury Ronald Gemini/Geminorum 1985
Rubin Anna Crying the Laughing and Golden 1984
Ruders Poul Event Horizon 2001
Rudhyar Dane Theurgy 1976
Ruggles Carl Evocations: Four Chants for piano 1937‐43
Rush Loren Quartet in C# minor 1961 WP, R
Rush Loren Five Japanese Poems 1959
Russel William Three Dance Movements 1939
Rzewski Frederic Whimwhams 1993 USP
Rzewski Frederic Song and Dance 1977
Rzewski Frederic To the Earth 1985
Rzewski Frederic Coming Together 1972
Rzewski Frederic The People United Will Never Be Defeated 1975
Rzewski Frederic Piano Sonata 1991
Rzewski Frederic Les Moutons de Panurge 1969
Saariaho Kaija NoaNoa 1992
Saariaho Kaija Adjo 1990
Saariaho Kaija Six Japanese Gardens 1993‐5
Saariaho Kaija Sept Papillons 2000
Saariaho Kaija Io 1986
Saariaho Kaija Six Japanese Gardens 1994
Saariaho Kaija NoaNoa 1992
Salonen Esa‐Pekka Knock, Breathe, Shine 2010
Salonen Esa‐Pekka Second Meeting 1992
Salzedo Carlos Song in the Night 1927
Samuel Gerhard Au Revoir to Lady R 1975
Samuel Gerhard Nocturne for an Impossible Dream 1986
San Martin Laurie Rhondabout 1999
Sanchez‐Gutierrez Carlos M.E. in Memoriam 1994
Sanford David Chamber Concerto No. 3 1992
Scelsi Giacinto Le Reveil Profond 1972
Scelsi Giacinto Kya 1966
Scelsi Giacinto Three Sacred Songs 1958
Scelsi Giacinto Four Illustrations 1953
Scherchen‐Hsaio Tona Once Upon a Time 1979
Schikele Peter The Lowest Trees Have Tops 1974
Schloss Andrew The Towers of Hanoi 1980
Schnebel Dieter Atezuege (Breaths)
Schnittke Alfred String Quartet No. 1 1966
Schnittke Alfred Hymns I‐IV (1974‐79) 1979
Schoenberg Arnold Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 1912
Schoenberg Arnold Serenade, op. 24 1923
Schoenberg Arnold Herzegwachse, op. 20 1911
Schoenberg Arnold Three pieces for piano op. 11 1909
Schoenberg Arnold Suite, op. 29 1927
Schoenberg Arnold Chamber Symphony, op. 9 1906
Schoenberg Arnold Ode to Napoleon 1942
Schoenberg Arnold Suite, Op.25 1923
Schoenberg Arnold Phantasy 1949
Schoenberg/Greissle Arnold Five Orchestra Pieces, Op. 16 1909
Schottstaedt Bill Colony 1981 WP
Schottstaedt William Dinosaur Music 1984
Schrader Barry Suite from Moon Whales 1983
Schroeder Sabrina Bone Games 2016
Schuller Gunther Fantasy for solo harp 1959
Schuller Gunther Sonata for Saxophone and Piano 1999
Schuman William In Sweet Music 1978
Schwantner Joseph The Wild Angels of the Open Hills 1977
Schwitters Kurt Mvmts from Ursonate 1932
Sciarrino Salvatore Piano Sonata IV 1992
Sciarrino Salvatore Infinito Nero 1998
Scodanibbio Stefano E/Statico 1980 USP
Scodanibbio Stefano Sei Studi 1983
Scodanibbio Stefano Strumentale 1980
Seeger Ruth Crawford String Quartet 1931
Sessions Roger Duo for Volin and Piano 1942
Sessions Roger Five Pieces for piano 1976
Sessions Roger Six Pieces for solo cello 1966
Shapey Ralph Trilogy (Song of Songs) 1980
Shapey Ralph Fantasy 1978
Shapey Ralph Three for Six 1979
Shapey Ralph Kroslish Sonate 1985
Shattenkirk Ray Speculum sine macula 1989 WP
Sheinfeld David Dualities 1976 WP
Sheinfeld David Duo 1969
Sheinfeld David Memories of Yesterday and Tomorrow 1971
Sheinfled David Threnody 1982
Shere Charles Certain Phenomena of Sound 1983 WP
Shere Charles The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bacelors, Even 1986
Shifrin Seymour The Nick of Time 1978
Shinohara Makoto City Visit for tape and slides 1976 USP
Shinohara Makoto Kyudo A for skakuhaci 1972 USP
Shinohara Makoto Kyudo B for shakuhachi and harp 1973 USP
Shinohara Makoto Tayutai 1972 USP
Shinohara Makoto Alternance 1962
Shostakovich Dimitri Sonata for Viola and Piano 1975
Sierra Roberto Pequeno Concierto 1998 WP
Smith Ronald Bruce Return to Breath 2000 USP
Smith Wadada Leo Tao‐Nija 1995 WP
Smith Joew Bird 1986
Smith Leland Sonata for piano
Smith Ronald Bruce Flux 1993
Smith Leland Machines of Loving Grace 1971
Smith Stuart Songs 1 ‐ IX 1982
Smith/Cowell Leland Rhythmican 1971
Snyder Amy Ozark Brush‐Meeting
Snyder Bob Lines of Force 1979
Solbiati Alessandro Sestetto a Gerard 2006 USP
Sollberger Harvey original substance/manifest/traces 1987
Sollberger Harvey Riding the Wind I 1975
Sollberger Harvey The Advancing Moment 1993
Sonami Laetitia Has/Had 1997
Soper Kate Door 2007
Sorensen Bent The Lady and the Lark 1997 USP
Spiropoulos Georgia Music for 2? 2000 USP
Spiropoulos Georgia Oria 2000 USP
Sprecher Sandra Il diavolo bianco 1990 WP
Stadelman Jeff Rus in Urbe 1992
Stalvey Dorrance Points‐Lines‐Circles 1968
Stalvey Dorrance Agathlon 1978
Stalvey Dorrance Exordium/Genesis/Dawn 1990
Stankova Maria Afaint afar over there what 2013 WCP
Steiger Rand Dialogues III 1985
Steiger Rand Hexadecathlon 1983
Steiger Rand 13 Loops 1988
Steiger Rand Dreamscape 2004
Steiger Rand Cyclone 2013
Steiger Rand Concatenation 2012
Steiger Rand Mourning Fog 2014 WP
Stockhausen Karlheinz Klavierstuck IX 1954
Stockhausen Karlheinz Kontakte 1960
Stockhausen Karlheinz Zeitmasse 1956
Stockhausen Karlheinz Stimmung 1968
Stockhausen Karlheinz Tierkreis 1977
Stockhausen Karlheinz Mantra 1970
Stockhausen Karlheinz Vibra‐Elufa 2003
Stockhausen Karlheinz Nr. 9 Zyklus 1959
Stockhausen Karlheinz Mikrophonie I 1964
Stone Carl Ton‐chan 1994 USP
Strasnoy Oscar Exercices de Latinité 2002
Stravinsky Igor Four Songs 1954
Stravinsky Igor Concerto per due pianoforti soli 1935
Stravinsky Igor Three Pieces for solo clarinet 1914
Stravinsky Igor Septet 1953
Stravinsky Igor L’histoire du soldat 1918
Stravinsky Igor L’histoire du soldat 1918
Strawbridge Adam Theory and Praxis and Practice 2019 WP
Strindberg Henrik Cheap Thrills 1993 USP
Stroppa Marco Hommage à Gy. K. 2004 USP
Subotnick Morton From Silver Apples of the Moon to a Sky of Cloudless Sulfur Revisited 2014 WCP
Subotnick Morton The Key to Songs 1985
Subotnick Morton Parallel Lines 1978
Subotnick Morton and the butterflies begin to sing 1988
Subramaniam L. Naada Priya 1985
Susman William Waves (Piano Piece #3) 1983
Taira Yashahasi Pentalpha 1974 USP
Taira Yoshihisa Sublimations
Taira Yoshihisa Stratus 1979
Takahashi Yuji Kwanju, May 1980 1980
Takahashi Yuji For You I Sing this Song 1981
Takahashi Yuji Time
Takahashi Yuji Ye Guen 1969
Takahashi Yuji Bridges I 1967
Takemitsu Toru Rain Spell 1982 USP
Takemitsu Toru Stanza II 1971
Takemitsu Toru Waterways 1977
Takemitsu Toru Waves 1976
Takemitsu Toru Toward the Sea 1981
Takemitsu Toru Entre‐temps 1986
Takemitsu Toru Eucalypts II 1971
Takemitsu Toru Toward the Sea 1981
Talma Louise Var. on 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird 1980
Tanaka Karen Polarization 1994 USP
Tanaka Karen Techno Etude #2 2000
Tanodi Zlatko Echolalia
Templeton Susan Soliloquy 2000
Tenney James Three Pieces for Drum Quartet 1975
Tenney James Having Never Written a Note for Percussion 1971
Tenney James Cognate Canons 1993
Terzian Alicia Voces 1979
Tharp Reynold San Francisco Night 2007 WP
Tharp Reynold Littoral 2006
Thomas Augusta Read aria 1989
Thomas Augusta Read Summer Angels 1993
Thomson Virgil Sonata da Chiesa 1926
Thomson Virgil Sonata for violin and piano 1930
Thomson Virgil Portrait of F.B. 1929
Thomson Virgil Portraits by Gertrude Stein 1928
Thomson Virgil Portraits for solo piano 1981
Thomson Virgil Portraits for solo violin 1928
Thomson Virgil Portraits for voice and piano 1926
Thomson Virgil Virgil Thomson by Gertrude Stein 1928
Thoresen Lasse AbUno 1992
Thoresen Lasse Mortal Charm Shall Fade Away, The Holy City 1993
Thorvaldsdottir Anna In The Light of Air 2013 WCP
Thorvaldsdottir Anna In the Light of Air 2013
Thow John A Water Cycle 1991 WP
Thow John Songs for the Earth 1994 WP, R
Thow John Image, Double, et Envoi 1985
Tircuit Heuwell String Quartet No. 3 (Drama in Musica) 1975
Torke Michael The Yellow Pages 1984
Tosar Hector Septeto 1989 WP
Tosar Hector Tres Piezas 1976
Tournier Marcel Lolita la Danseuse 1925
Tower Joan Noon Dance 1982
Trigos Ruanova Juan Ricercare 2 1998 USP
Turnage Mark Anthony Slide Stride 2002
Tymoczko Dmitri Four Dreams 2006
Udow Michael The Enchanted Land 1997 WP
Ueno Ken …blood blossoms… 2002
Ueno Ken Talus 2008
Ueno Ken New Work 2016 WCP
Ung Chinary Spiral VII 1994
Ung Chinary Luminous Spirals 1997
Ustolskaya Galina Grand Duet 1957
Valls Manuel Canciones Sefarditas 1975
Vanoni Gabriele Space Oddities 2008
Varese Edgard Octandre 1923
Varese Edgard Ionisation 1931
Varese Edgard Offrandes 1922
Varese Edgard Poeme Electronique 1958
Varese Edgard Integrales 1925
Varese Edgard Density 21.5 1936
Varese Edgard Poeme Electronique 1985
Varese Edgard Deserts 1954
Varese Edgard Ionisation 1931
Vassilandonakis Yiorgos Cochleas 2005 WP
Vaughan Williams Ralph Blake Songs 1959
Vaughan Williams Ralph Six Blake songs 1958
Veeneman Curt River (Ordeal by Water) 1984
Vees Jack The Illuminati 1985
Veress Sandor String Trio 1956
Verin Nicolas Instabile 1997
Villa‐Lobos Heitor Bachianas Brasileiras #6 1938
Villa‐Lobos Heitor Jet Whistle 1953
Villa‐Lobos Heitor Impressoes Seresteiras 1936
Vinao Ezequiel Sinfonia ‐ Voice of Silence 1986
Vivier Claude Pulau Dewata 1977
Wagner Melinda Sextet 1990
Wallin Rolf …though what made it has gone 1987
Walton William Five Bagatelles 1972
Wang Wayne Gary at the Dentist
Watkins Zachary M. Ambiguity 2000 WP
Webem Anton Concerto for Nine Instruments, op. 24 1934
Weber Alain Sonatine 1955
Webern Anton Quartet, op. 22 1930
Webern Anton Concerto, Op. 24 1934
Webern Anton Five movements for string quartet, op. 5 1909
Webern Anton Five Lieder, Op. 4 1909
Webern Anton Four Lieder, op. 2 1909
Webern Anton String Quartet, op. 3 1910
Webern Anton Six Pieces for orchestra, op. 6 1910
Webern Anton Six Lieder, op. 14 1921
Webern Anton Variations for Piano, op. 27 1936
Webern Anton Three Lieder, op. 25 1934
Webern Anton Fuga (Ricercata) a sei voci, No. 2 1935
Weidenaar Reynold The Stillness 1985
Werner Jean‐Jacques Nocturnal
Weymouth Daniel Point of Contact 1989 WP
Weymouth/Frankel Dan Correspondances 1985
White LJ fly, into the light 2013 WCP
Widdoes Lawrence Acanthus for harp and percussion 1971
Wieneke Paul Attend 1981
Wilson Olly Echoes 1974
Wilson Richard The Ballad of the Longwood Tree 1978
Wilson Richard Figuration 1980
Winges Mark Mythos 1980 WP
Winslow Walter The Bells of Eola 1977
Wolfe Julia Dark Full Ride 2002
Wolff Christian Touch 2002 WP
Wolman Amnon Perhaps, At Last, Some Hours Past 1985
Wolman Amnon A Circle in the Fire 1986
Wolpe Stefan Piece in Two Parts for Six Players 1961
Wolpe Stefan Piece for Two Instrumental Units 1962
Wolpe Stefan Saxophone Quartet 1950
Wuorinen Charles Harp Variations 1972
Wuorinen Charles Bearbeitungen uber das Glogauer Liederbuch 1962
Wuorinen Charles Percussion Duo 1979
Wuorinen Charles Percussion Quartet 1994
Xenakis Iannis Epicycles 1989 USP
Xenakis Iannis Psappha 1976
Xenakis Iannis Herma 1964
Xenakis Iannis Evryali 1974
Xenakis Iannis Medea Senecae 1967
Xenakis Iannis Okho 1989
Xenakis Iannis Rebounds 1989
Xenakis Iannis Psappha 1975
Xenakis Iannis Piece
Ysaye Eugene Sonata in g for solo violin
Yuasa Joji My Blue Sky No. 3 1977
Yun Isang Rencontre 1986 USP
Yun Isang Oktett 1978
Z Pamela Breathing 2013
Z Pamela Unknown Person 2010
Z Pamela (v)erstahlen 2014 WP
Zappa Frank Times Beach II 1985
Zheng Michelle Rift 2017 WP
Zhou Long Soul 1992
Zhou Long Ding 1990
Zimbalist Efrem Improvisation on a Japanese Theme
Zohn‐Muldoon Ricardo Danza Noctura 1989 USP
Zorn John Music for Children 1996 USP
Zorn John Gris‐Gris 2000 WP
Zorn John Cobra 1984
Zucker Benjamin Sarabandisms 2016 WP
Zvonar Richard The Board Room 1986
Zvonar Richard Blues 3 1985
Zwedberg Tommy Enso 1993 USP