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Professional Development for College Music Students
Call for Participation

When: WINTER TERM January 16, 17, 18, 19, 2018
What: A week of rehearsals and a concert performance with award-winning San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and Meredith Monk.
Who: Up to 15 students that hail from any department at SFCM e.g. Brass, History, Roots/Jazz, Opera, Technology, Voice. In addition, we are seeking 1 piano player, 1 alto and 1 soprano.
Performing: Works by John Zorn, “Cobra”; Frederic Rzewski, “Les Moutons de Panurge”; and Meredith Monk’s “Cave Song” from Book of Days and “Ellis Island”
Description: SFCMP has two Winter Term opportunities which are open to all students at SFCM, including instrumentalists and non-instrumentalists alike.

Join SFCMP for a week of rehearsals which will culminate in a Friday afternoon dress rehearsal with composer Meredith Monk and an evening performance on a subscription-series concert. You will rehearse and perform two works,“Cave Song” from the opera Book of Days and “Ellis Island,” by 2017 Gish Prize Winner, Meredith Monk. These pieces will be presented and coached by Meredith Monk who will join us at the concert.
This collaboration is open to two vocalists: one soprano and one alto, as well as one pianist to work with Ms. Monk, SFCMP pianist Kate Campbell, and SFCMP Artistic Director and vocalist, Eric Dudley.

Join SFCMP for a week of rehearsals which will culminate in a Friday afternoon dress rehearsal and an evening performance on a subscription-series concert. You will rehearse and perform MacArthur Fellow John Zorn’s “Cobra” and Frederic Rzewski’s “Les Moutons de Panurge” led by Grammy-nominated SFCMP percussionist and frequent Zorn collaborator William Winant and coached by members of SFCMP.
This collaboration is open to up to 15 SFCM musicians, instrumentalists and non-instrumentalist alike.


These two contemporary classical works are scored for any number of musicians playing instruments, and any number of musicians who are non-instrumentalists. Zorn’s “Cobra” consists of a system of detailed rules without a preconceived sequence of events. Led by a conductor (Winant), the performers are prompted to execute different instrumental techniques, sonic textures, or playing styles in various ensemble formations, resulting in dynamic and often surprising real-time musical compositions. Similar in its non-conventional approach, the music for Rzewski’s “Les Moutons de Panurge” is derived from a single page of instructions – what begins as a melodic unison, eventually rips apart into frenetic cacophony. Les Moutons is a brilliant hybrid of formal performance and improvisation and like Cobra, is a seminal work among the pieces of its kind.

Through the rehearsal process, each performer will discover new ways to relate to their instrument, challenging them to listen critically, to rethink their musical habits, and to develop new ways to approach music-making, both as an individual and as an ensemble member.

This side-by- side collaboration is open to all SFCM students. We are seeking up to 15 performers that hail from every department at SFCM – improvisers, non-improvisers, computer musicians, electronic musicians, classically trained musicians, jazz musicians, and vocalists. We hope to encourage fun and thoughtful collaboration between disparate musical disciplines, fostering relationships with the potential to last beyond the concert performance.


The San Francisco Contemporary Music Players is the most longstanding new music ensemble outside the East Coast, and the largest new music ensemble in the Bay Area. SFCMP performs large-ensemble, innovative, and artistically excellent contemporary classic music.


January 16, 17, 18, & 19, 2018
January 19, 2018
4:00–4:30pm — Open Dress Rehearsal
4:30–5:30 pm — Composer Talk with composers Vivian Fung and Ryan Brown
6:30pm — Pre-concert discussion with SFCMP ensemble members
7:30pm — Concert

In partnership with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

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