Soundvoice Workshop

Workshop Overview

Soundvoice is a five-session workshop created by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (SFCMP) to engage listeners in the process of creativity.  Soundvoice is comprised of a learning phase (listening/new-music expository workshops conducted by SFCMP ensemble member); a co-creative/educational phase (answering musical/sound queries, gathering and curating sounds, journaling and other intermedia outputs), and culminates in a performance and celebration.

Learning Sessions 

Session 1: The Power of Story

Session 2: What Is Concentrated Listening?

Session 3: Mobile Sound Lab

Session 4: Telling Stories Through Sound

Session 5: Sharing Stories and More

Design Day / Celebration


Contemporary classical music — specifically the genre of  New Music — has influenced nearly every music genre in existence, from rock to hip-hop to jazz to electronica. The common thread is that New Music is an acutely creative art form that has no musical boundaries. 

Our Soundvoice workshop explores connections and links to other forms of music. With a SFCMP teaching artist, we will help you explore your sound voice. Participants will be led to curate their own sounds and create a musical story; elements from participants collected sounds will be incorporated into a new piece of music that will be performed in a culminating celebratory event.

Workshop Goals

By participating in a Soundvoice workshop, participants unleash their “sound voice” and also their “inner artist” in meaningful and invigorating ways.

  • Learn the history of contemporary classical music

  • Explore ways in which sound can create narrative both in and out of the context of contemporary classical music

  • Gain insight into the creative process


Our Partner for 2015 Soundvoice is Hospitality House. Learn more about the 2015 project here.

The Soundvoice celebration will take place May 17, 2015 at the Center for New Music.

2015 SFCMP Soundvoice is supported by the James Irvine Foundation Exploring Engagement Fund, and the Wells Fargo Foundation.