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San Francisco Contemporary Music Players is pleased to announce our 2022 Victor Salvo Music Composition Scholarship for high school students. One San Francisco Bay Area high school music student will receive five mentoring sessions with an advising composer to-be-determined a private score reading by San Francisco Contemporary Music Players of the student’s work, feedback from the musicians, and a video recording of the reading session.


Students can apply by submitting a video (2-min max) and a copy of a score that is in progress written for trio of mixed instruments (see below). The video will describe the motivation behind the music as well as an idea for where the music is going and why the student would like to take part in this educational program.  Through five mentoring sessions, the draft score will be developed into an excerpt, a section, or a full piece that is ready for a reading session with a professional ensemble. An Advising Composer will work with the student as our Advising Composer on the development of the piece, notation, and print preparation. The scholarship panel is looking for a student with a passion to compose and a desire to learn.


  • The score must be written for mixed trio: oboe, percussion (see note*), and cello.
  • The duration of the draft score must be a minimum of 30 seconds and no longer than 15 minutes.
  • The score can be any genre of music e.g. rock, classical, jazz, etc.
  • The score must be unpublished and never performed by a professional ensemble.
  • A student may include an additional part for electronics; however, if a student writes for electronics, they must provide the equipment for performance and run the equipment themself.

*Percussion may include small handheld or table-placed instruments and a choice of the following larger equipment only: bongos/conga drums, woodblocks, and/or vibraphone. NO other large instruments may be used (marimba, large bass drum, timpani, thunder sheet, chimes, etc., are all unavailable.)


  • 5 mentoring sessions with the advising composer during the period of June – Aug, 2022. Mentoring sessions will be a combination of online, over the phone, and in-person.
  • A professional score reading session with SFCMP in the late summer/fall of 2022.
  • Feedback on the performed piece by the advising composer and the musicians.
  • A video recording of the reading session.
  • A pair of season tickets to SFCMP’s upcoming season concerts.


  • Students enrolled in high school during the spring term of 2022.
  • Students whose permanent address is in the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, CA or Sacramento-Roseville Combined Statistical Areas
  • Students available for 5 hours of mentoring sessions during the time period of June-Aug 2022. Sessions will be a combination of online, over the phone, and in-person (if available).
  • Students available for a reading session in late summer/fall 2022, in person, in San Francisco, and with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players.


April 1, 2022 at midnight PST. The winner will be notified by mid-April.


Send an email to director@sfcmp.org with the information listed below.

Please provide the following information in the body of the email:

  • Use the Subject line “Scholarship 2022 entry”
  • Address the email to “Dear Scholarship Committee”
  • Provide applicant’s information: student’s full name, grade level, phone number, email address
  • Provide the name and phone number of the person giving a recommendation.
  • Provide the name, email address and phone number of one of the student’s guardian(s)

Please attach the following information in .PDF format:

  • Attach the score (duration min. 30 sec and no longer than 15 min)
  • Attach one letter of recommendation
  • Attach one high-res image of you (informal is okay!)
  • Attach a bio (max 150 words)
  • Attach one letter from a guardian stating approval of the mentoring sessions and approval to submit the video
  • Attach a video or provide a link to the video (max 2 min.)

For questions about this application please contact Lisa Oman, Executive Director at 415-633-8802 or email director@sfcmp.org


(Q) Is it possible to submit a draft score for piano or another instrument and transcribe it during the mentoring sessions?

(A) Yes, but not encouraged. Try writing for the trio and the advising composer will help you develop the piece.




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2021 Siddharth Pant. Advising composer Edward Simon and Artisitc Director Eric Dudley

2020 Zak Mustille and Emile Serper. Advising composers Gloria Justen and Artistic Director Eric Dudley

2019 Kellan Ta. Advising Composer, Vivian Fung

2018 Nick Main. Advising composer, Kurt Rohde

2017 Wyatt Cannon. Advising composer, Belinda Reynolds

2016 W. Alyssa Deocampo. Advising composer, Ralph Burnett